— winter —

Winter on the farm is all about taking care of the soil and preparing for the next year. The field has a few crops growing in it - the ones that will survive a frost, such as, cabbage, spigariello, chicories and kale. Beyond that, we sow a thick cover crop of white clover, purple vetch, fava beans, rye grass, buckwheat and a mix of hearty wild flowers. This mix will help to make the nitrogen in the soil available to our next year’s crops, create pathways for water to drain out of the soil, and prevent erosion during the rainy season. It also looks very pretty. Winter is also a time that, as farmers, we get a little time to rest and recover. The day starts at 7am instead of 5am, and much of the work is in repairing the greenhouse, or tackling projects that you couldn’t get to during the season. From a culinary perspective, Winter is all about preservation. There are a few items that are still in the field, but for the most part we cook with the foods that we preserved during their peak in the Summer - tomatoes, tomatillos, chiles and fruit jams, to name a few.

Winter Fresh Produce:













farm eggs

Winter Preserves:


smoked tomatoes



fruit preserves

dried chiles

cured winter squash

dried beans

Winter Farm Activity:

flail, mow, and till fall crops under

sow cover crop seeds

plan out the next calendar year’s planting schedule



This was my second time hiring Farmhand and I was left even more impressed than the first time. The food was absolutely delicious and well presented. John and Erin were always very attentive! - Yuki

— sample winter menus —

* five-course plated menu with passed hors d’oeuvres

* five-course plated menu with passed hors d’oeuvres

* stationary appetizers and a four-course family-style dinner

* stationary appetizers and a four-course family-style dinner

* bunch buffet for a business meeting

* bunch buffet for a business meeting


At Farmhand, we design each menu from scratch to match what we have coming from the farm to what our clients would like to eat. Above are some sample menus designed for our past clients and, below, you will find additional options. These are examples only and can be altered and updated to suit any palate.


- leek and parmesan croquettes, pickled peppers

- proscuitto, fig jam, mint, crostini

- brioche crostini, pimiento cheese, pickled peppers

- puff pastry with preserved tomatoes and ricotta

- beef and pork meatballs, preserved early girl tomato sauce, parmesan

- gougére mini-sandwich, proscuitto, arugula, caramelized onion

- belgian endive, bay blue, apple, walnut, balsamic

- butter bean hummus, kale pesto, crudite, pita


first courses:

- winter chicories, local citrus, brokaw avocado, parmesan, green goddess

- little gems, brioche croutons, soft farm egg, confit shallot vinaigrette, winter truffle

- baby escarole, duck confit, apples, pickled shallots, garlic croutons, warm duck jus vinaigrette

- chicory caesar, torn garlic croutons, pecorino, anchovy dressing, fines herbs

- wild arugula, roasted beets, red onion agrodolce, chevré, hazelnuts, balsamic

mid courses:

- butternut squash soup, rye croutons, prosciutto, créme fraîche, chives

- homemade pappardelle, spigariello, braised pork shoulder, parmesan, black pepper

- homemade potato gnocchi, preserved early girl tomato bolognese, ricotta

- burrata, warm garlic bread, kale pesto, pine nuts

- roasted cauliflower, broccolini, brussels sprouts, mejdool dates, kale salsa verde

entree courses:

- roasted organic chicken, herb crust, delicata squash panzanella, pine nuts, currants, savoy cabbage

- McFarland Springs trout, chickpeas, couscous, almonds, sultanas, saffron, homemade lebneh, crispy shallots

- Duroc pork belly confit, le puy lentils, mirepoix, pink lady apples, chervil, whole grain mustard, jus

- Snake River Farms shortrib, creamer potato, red cabbage, whole grain mustard, salsa verde

- confit king trumpet mushrooms, California polenta, wilted chicories, salsa rustica

- hot-smoked wild salmon, potato latkes, roasted beets, creme fraiche, dill, horseradish, arugula



- preserved quince tart, maple whipped cream

- meyer lemon tart, shortbread crust

- citrus almond cake, whipped créme fraîche, candied orange peel

- butterscotch pot de crème with maple whipped cream, salted cashew cookie

- buttermilk créme brulée, shortbread cookie

- pavlova with meyer lemon curd and huckleberries