— Summer —

Summer on the farm is a constant blur of activity. New seedlings go into the ground every week and need a lot of attention to set them up for a healthy harvest. The first items planted in the Spring, like potatoes, are ready to harvest by early July. Then, that patch can be turned over for a fall crop. The greenhouse is very active all Summer, with new seeds sprouting every three weeks. From a culinary perspective, Summer is all about the quick growing crops - potatoes, summer beans, zucchini and cucumbers. As Summer wraps up in August and September, we start to sink our teeth into tomatoes, peppers and eggplant - the vegetables that we all long for in the middle of winter. Summer is about watching as all of your hard work reaps its rewards.

Summer Produce:


summer squash


cherry tomatoes



pole and bush beans

romano beans








frilly mustards


Summertime Farm Activities:

Seedlings planted out in the garden

Fall crops started in the greenhouse

Young plants tended in the fields

Early crops harvested and second-use patches amended for next crops


I have been organizing our company holiday dinner for the past six years and this is the first year that almost every attendee has commented how good the food was!! I had at least one person tell me it was the best fish they had ever had!! That's a huge compliment coming from the foodies in SF! - Betty

— sample SUMMER menus —

*four-course family-style meal

*four-course family-style meal

*passed hors d’oeuvres and multiple entree buffet

*passed hors d’oeuvres and multiple entree buffet

*stationary appetizer buffet

*stationary appetizer buffet


At Farmhand, we design each menu from scratch to match what we have coming from the farm to what our clients would like to eat. Above are some sample menus designed for our past clients and, below, you will find additional options. These are examples only and can be altered and updated to suit any palate.


- crostini, butter bean hummus, spring peas, feta

- cucumber, smoked salmon, créme fraiche, dill

- leek and parmesan croquettes, aioli

- crostini, fava bean purée, romanesco, spring onions

- puff pastry with preserved tomatoes and ricotta

- assorted cheeses and charcuterie, olives, almonds, dried fruit, bread

- housemade spring onion foccacia, greens, garlic and lemon and chile

- warm black pepper and chive gougéres


first courses:

- roasted asparagus, spring greens, soft-cooked egg, radish, parmesan, confit shallot vinaigrette

- little gems, winter citrus, avocado, dill, almonds, citronette

- marinated tri-color beets, almond butter, sheep's feta, arugula

- chicory caesar, torn garlic croutons, pecorino, anchovy dressing, fines herbs

- wild arugula, delicata squash, pecans, crispy quinoa, feta, herbed yogurt

mid courses:

- local halibut crudo, celeriac remoulade, blood orange, avocado, meyer lemon salsa verde

- homemade pappardelle, caramelized spring onions, wild mushrooms, créme fraîche, parmesan

- homemade cavatelli, preserved early girl tomatoes, ricotta, fennel sausage, broccolini

- burrata, warm garlic bread, roasted beets, prosciutto, walnuts

- potato gnocchi, spring peas, wild mushrooms, pancetta, brown butter, pecorino


entree courses:

- veal piccata, wild mushrooms, roasted spring carrots, capers, parsley

- Snake River bavette, spring onions, green garlic, creamer potatoes, braised kale, onion soubise

- braised spring lamb, celery root and potato gratin, long-cooked broccoli, breadcrumb salsa verde

- McFarland Springs trout, fava bean and spring onion ragout, farro verde, meyer lemon

- ricotta malfatti, erbette chard, green garlic, crispy shallots, parmesan brodo



- strawberry rhubarb tart, vanilla bean chantilly

- meyer lemon tart, shortbread crust

- citrus almond cake, whipped créme fraîche, candied orange peel

- butterscotch pot de crème with maple whipped cream, salted cashew cookie

- buttermilk créme brulée, shortbread cookie