— Fall —

Fall on the farm is all about harvest and preparation for Winter. The field is abundant with the best of the Summer produce - tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. The Fall crops are also hitting their peak - pumpkins, kale, spigariello and chicories. There is so much abundance it can be hard to choose what to cook. The greenhouse is almost empty except for our succession plantings of lettuces and the herbs we move in to keep warm in the Winter. Towards the beginning of November we do a final cultivation with a cover crop and tuck our beds in for the year. From a culinary perspective, Fall is a little of everything: tomatoes, winter squash, chicories, peppers, lettuces and cabbages. Fall is about really feeling the abundance of nature.

Fall Produce:

heirloom tomatoes





summer squash







winter squash





celery root


sweet onions


farm eggs

Fall Farm Activity:

constant harvest

succession planting and weeding of the tender crops

planting crops for over-wintering

final cultivation and cover crop broadcast

begin winter preparation of farm equipment and irrigation


Erin was so mindful of all of our varying food restrictions - much appreciated! We loved that everything she cooked was made with food she harvested from her own garden that day - it doesn't get fresher! Everything was impeccably delicious. Erin and her server were both friendly and professional - would recommend them any time! - Allison

— sample Fall menus —

*five-course plated meal with passed hors d’oeuvres

*five-course plated meal with passed hors d’oeuvres

*brunch buffet

*brunch buffet

*five-course family-style meal

*five-course family-style meal


At Farmhand, we design each menu from scratch to match what we have coming from the farm to what our clients would like to eat. Above are some sample menus designed for our past clients and, below, you will find additional options. These are examples only and can be altered and updated to suit any palate.


- potato and kale croquettes, smoked paprika aioli

- brioche crostini, duck liver paté, mission fig compote

- SF bay boquerones, castelvetrano olive relish, crostini

- puff pastry, gouda, persimmon

- grilled oyster, garlic, lemon zest, parmesan, spinach

- arancini, mozzarella, spiced green zebra tomato jam

- sungold cherry tomato, smoked mozzarella, basil, balsamic, skewer

- crostini, eggplant caponata, basil


first courses:

- baby escarole, heirloom tomatoes, local cured anchovies, castelvetrano olive tapenade

- little gems, winter citrus, avocado, dill, almonds, citronette

- marinated tri-color beets, almond butter, sheep's feta, arugula

- chicory caesar, torn garlic croutons, pecorino, anchovy dressing, fines herbs

- wild arugula, delicata squash, pecans, crispy quinoa, feta, herbed yogurt

mid courses:

- burrata, roasted delicata squash, brussels sprouts, balsamic, warm crusty bread

- homemade fettuccine, anaheim pepper piperade, roasted early girl tomatoes, spigariello, parmesan

- homemade cavatelli, preserved early girl tomatoes, ricotta, fennel sausage, broccolini

- burrata, warm garlic bread, roasted beets, prosciutto, walnuts

- heirloom tomatoes, pickled shallots, lemon cucumbers, basil, capezzana olive oil

entree courses:

- pan roasted organic chicken, jacob's cattle beans, wilted chicories, herb salsa

- McFarland Springs trout, chickpeas, confit early girl tomato, greens, preserved lemon, charmoula

- Liberty duck leg confit, butter beans, braised savoy cabbage, mustard, jus

- Snake River Farms shortrib, celery root and potato gratin, garlic tuscan kale, herb-breadcrumb salsa

- stuffed delicata squash, gruyere, wild mushrooms, breadcrumbs, spinach, garlic, almonds

- roasted local wild salmon, farro verde, cherry tomatoes, borlotti beans, shaved summer squash, basil pesto



- preserved quince tart, maple whipped cream

- meyer lemon tart, shortbread crust

- citrus almond cake, whipped créme fraîche, candied orange peel

- butterscotch pot de crème with maple whipped cream, salted cashew cookie

- buttermilk créme brulée, shortbread cookie

- pavlova with meyer lemon curd and huckleberries